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Sept. 4, 2020, 6 a.m.

President Justin: We Have Done It. High School Has Been Abolished.

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Scenario: The year is 2040. The location the United States of America. Justin, in a landslide victory, has just become President of the United States of America. The party he founded, the Conservative States of America (CSA), did well in the elections as well – taking 72 seats in the United States Senate and 304 seats out of 534 in the House of Representatives, in addition to scoring control of almost a majority of State and local govermental assemblies. Their main campaign promise and single platform? Education. Real education, and not the fake education Americans were so used to being given. America will once more rise up in honor as the Queen of innovation and technology, and will champion a future into a brighter and warmer world.


President Justin’s Inauguration Speech 


Setting: White House, Pennsylvania Avenue, Washington, D.C. Date: January 20 of 2040 at 1:02 PM standard time.

*President Justin finishes reciting the presidential oath of office and shakes the hand of the Chief Justice who administered it. He then turns to the lectern facing the cheering crowd and speaks to the American people.* 


My fellow Americans! It was just under 2 years ago, that the Conservative States of America announced their plans of reforming our education system. Today, I can stand here and say, that you made this possible. Today, we will end the watered down education Americans like you and me receive and America will once more become the leader of the world in education and technology.


Under my administration we shall abolish all public high schools in favor of community colleges. 


When you become a 9th grader, instead of going to a high school for four years and wasting time taking generic classes everyone must take, you will be able to choose an associate degree pathway and will graduate within two years of declaring that pathway. Many of our children may not know what they will want to do yet, and it is for that reason why generic pathways will still be available. This will ensure that students will have the time they need to figure out what career they would like to jump into. 

These new students will now be done with school at the age of 16. If you are one of these students, you have three very lucky options. First, you dedicate the next two years you would have been in school for towards getting experience in work. Perhaps you may even find your associates degree useful for this purpose. Second, you may go to any college immediniatly and recieve a four-year undergraduates degree, within 2 years because of your associates dergree. By proposed legislation that our great party has just introduced into the Senate floor today – all colleges, both public and private, will be required to accept your associates degree to save two years. Third, you don’t go to college at all. You may decided to use your associates degree to go into a line or work, or you may work anywhere else you please.

Ladies and gentlemen of our great and powerful Union, this policy has the ability to help thousands of Americans each year. Right now in America, you can legally drop out of high school at the age of 16 -- which is two years in high school. Passing our proposed policy means that these high school drop outs would at least have an associates degree when they do drop out. This will help them get jobs.


To my critics from the Democratic and Republican parties, who are unsuccessfully trying to sink this legislation in Congress, I say this to you. College work, contrary to the popular belief, is not as hard as many perceive it to be. In America right now, there are thousands of middle and high schoolers who already duel enroll at community colleges, taking college classes that count as high school classes on their transcipt. We must have faith in our children, and we must equip them to be able to lead us in a new generation of education. We must train them to fight back against China. To fight back against India. To fight back against Russia, Isreal, and Europe. To fight for this land and fight for our dominance in education and technology. When we do this, my fellow Americans, we further democracy, freedom for all, and access to technology for everyone, and not the few or the political elite. We can make sure that new technology is used for purposes that do not violate our humans rights given to us by our God when he breathed live into us. We can only do this, my fellow citizens, if we train our children.


It may be a challenge. It may be be more than we are bargaining for. But it will benefit our Union, and it will put us first. God bless America My fellow Americans, it is now time to act!


*Crowd loudly cheers.*


The Next Day

Against Democratic and Republican opposition in the House and Senate, the Put America Education First Priority Act was officially passed on January 21 of 2020, signed into effect immedinatly by President Justin at 8:09 pm.  


God bless America, long live the USA.


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