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Dec. 4, 2020, 6 a.m.

Massive Changes to JSMTech -- Here's Why You'll Be Affected On My Blog's 4th Anniversary

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4 years, 1 week, and 4 days I took a giant leap of faith. I published my first ever communication with the general public through the internet. I published a blog post. It was about how to install programming software on your computer, and yes, looking back and reading it now embarrasses me very much. 


But since then, I’ve come a long way. I fell in love with debate and politics as two other hobbies, I taught a programming class at my local homeschooling co-op, I’ve gotten a job, and I’ve gone to college. But something has remained the same throughout that entire period. Something so fundamental, that I’ve completely looked past it. But recently, I’ve figured it out. Me. 


On this fourth anniversary of my blog, I would like to share something super personal. And I’d like to tell you why that matters to you and how it will affect you as a subscriber and/or reader. 


[For a TLDR of the massive changes to JSMTech, head over to the first paragraph of “Massive Changes to JSMTech.”]


   Why Do You Blog?


Why do I blog? Why. Do. I. Have. A. Blog? It’s an honest question, and I get asked it a lot. My response is typically something like, “I went to a blogging class at my homeschooling co-op and I had to make a blog for that class, so I decided to make one and so here I am.” 


But as of recent reflection, I have come to found that this is false. Not only have I been lying to everyone I ask, but I’ve been lying to my very self. Building my own blogging CMS platform from scratch and writing blog posts on a mostly weekly basis was never about just the class. If my blogging class wanted me to do something I didn’t want to do, I wouldn’t have asked my parents to sign me up for it in the first place. No, instead, I WANTED to attend that class. I WANTED to build a blog from scratch, my own little corner of the internent. And I WANTED to write and publish blog posts for the world to see.


And that brings me to something very crucial…


I Blog… Because I Want To


I blog because I want to. It’s such a simple statement. Why did it take me forever to understand? I blog because I want to, not because it was homework for a class I took several years ago, not because I want to become famous, not because I want to brag to the world about my accomplishments or my talents, and not because I’m trying to impress a certain few people who may frequently read my articles.   


No. I blog for myself. For me. I know this sounds really selfish, but this was never about anyone else – and even though I started JSMTech with the idea of a “community” (that never actually ended up materializing), looking at my original work, it was simply so that I could have fun explaining my biggest hobby at the time, in this case, basic programming concepts that I had learned the year before. 


JSMTech was and still is simply a brain dump for what I’m thinking about at the moment in terms of technology. It was a look into how I viewed things. My basic projects and programs.  It was almost a storybook of my life – a diary for a tech nerd. I can count numerous blog posts I’ve made in the past that I labeled as guides, and marketed them as such. But whenever I did that, I missed the point. It wasn’t a professional guide. Try as I might, I can’t compete with the likes of How-To-Geek, Life Hacker, or the very numerous tech guide sites out there on the internet. And that’s why I missed the point. All my articles were about how accomplished a certain task. How I did it. What methods I took to solve a specific problem or go about a specific task.


And that’s why I would like to announce some very crucial changes to JSMTech, my personal blog. 


Massive Changes to JSMTech


Given that this blog is about me. About my stories, my life, my projects, my opinions, my thoughts, and just me in general… I have decided to do a few major things. But I do want to say one thing first. If none of my hobbies are your hobbies, and if you don’t believe in the same things I do, you’re probably gonna wanna unsubscribe and not read my blog. This blog is strictly about what I believe in, and I just don’t think you’ll benefit much from being on board a blog that doesn’t do what you do. Now, granted, the only exception here is that if you’re just someone who wants to stay up-to-date on what I think. Regardless of whether you understand what I blog about (Christianity, tech, debate, and politics), you’ll still be able to follow along. And by the way, I do want to clarify that I’m not saying you shouldn’t read my blog if you disagree. I’d be more than happy to engage in a conversation with you on what we disagree on – either through the comments below, the private chat message box to the right, or through a reply to an email on my newsletter. 


Anyways, without further ado, here are the main changes I will be making! 


 A. Remove Mentions of “Community”


Figure 1: The Community 


Various places around JSMTech mention the “community” such as illustrated in Figure 1. 

However, this was never and is still never the point of my blog. My blog is strictly for the purposes of showing the world how I do things, not how the community does things. 

As such, I’ll be removing vague mentions of the “community” and replacing them with explanations of how this site is for people to learn about how I do stuff.


B. Expansion of Topics


I’ve been mostly staying in the realm of technology until about a year ago when I dabbled a little into politics and a little bit about debate recently. Given that this blog is more or less about me, I think it would be fitting to talk about some of my other hobbies. I tell people that I really only have three loves in life in the order of greatest to least. 


  1. Jesus 

Jesus is obviously number zero on this list because first off my faith is super important to me and second, it encompasses my entire life. Anything I say or do is affected by what I believe in terms of my faith. Meaning that by putting Jesus as zero in this context, I’m putting him in each and every other passion I have. I’ve previously done Christian blog posts before, but I would like to ramp up the number of them that I do. Furthermore, I would like to encourage a Christ-like spirit in every single other blog post I made as well.


  1. Tech

        I fell in love with technology ever since I took a programming class at my local homeschool co-op with my brother when I was 12. Ever since then, I knew that I would grow up to do some sort of tech job. Now that I’m a bit older, what I’m looking at is specifically AI development, cybersecurity, or just general software writing. However, I’m still looking into options, so I guess I have an open door for my imagination here. 


  1. Debate

        I fell in love with debate after I first learned about it in a homeschool co-op class. (How ironic, I’m starting to see a trend here XD.) After that class, I joined a debate club, and then a debate league did a tournament and boom. I couldn’t let go. I’m now in my third year of high school competitive debate, and with the time I’m spending, I’m hoping to be one of the top teams in my region and make it all the way to nationals – the highest qualification tournament. 


  1. Politics

        I first fell in love with politics during the 2016 election. Some say Trump saved the middle and lower class thousands in taxes every year, some say Trump colluded with the Russians, some even say Trump is a figment of our imagination – but me? I say Trump got me into politics. President Trump became president during a time where it was a crime to be conservative. It was a crime to be a right-leaning Republican, and it was practically a crime to be a Christian and believe in what the Bible tells you. Trump came in and told everyone that he didn’t care. He upset a political establishment that consisted of both Democrats and Republicans. He made it so that politics was more accessible to people like me and you. He made it about us, and not about them. And that is the reason why I got into politics. Someday, I hope to be in some sort of elected office – whether that be a US or state senator or representative, or perhaps a mayoral position in a small town. 



These are just 4 topics that I will definitely be going over equally in future blog posts. I was thinking of maybe going back to my once-a-week posting schedule, but this time I would do a Christian post on the first week, a tech post on the second, a debate post on the third, and a politics post on the fourth. However, there are a lot of stuff I would like to go over, so what I may just do is either (a) write four posts a week and follow the same posting order as listed above or (b) just go into more of a “post when I feel it” mindset, although I fear I may just forget to write posts. We’ll see what I do, but feel free to write any suggestions you may have in the comments below!


C. Podcast 

I’ve been thinking recently of starting a podcast that I would publish on Spotify on a monthly or bi-weekly basis. It would pretty much just go over topics that I would have normally blogged about, but would rather talk about than write up. Additionally, I would invite some guests on-board on occasion to make some of the conversations interactive and a bit more entertaining. I’ll be writing a blog post with more details on this in the near future.


D. YouTube Channel

I currently have a YouTube channel with a few videos, but I’m not using it very much. I’d love to post tech and debate stuff on there – and perhaps I will. There will be a lot more details about this in future blog posts as well.


E. Discord Server

While we’re on the note of having an entire website all about me, why not take it a step further and have an entire Discord server all about me, my blog, my YouTube channel, and my podcast? There would be a “postings” channel or something with a webhook that posted a link to every new content I put out on any platform I’m currently using. You’d get a special opportunity to connect with me and there will be places where you can suggest topics you’d like me to blog about. It would also be a good opportunity to put you in a place where you can be a guest on one of my podcast episodes. We can also have an in-depth discussion about a recent blog post – whether you agree or disagree. If I decide to make a Discord server for JSMTech, I will definitely write up a blog post with more details.   


Full Circle

4 years fly by VERY quickly – and if you’ve been one of my subscribers and/or readers since the very beginning, I just want to heartedly thank you! While I would blog for myself, the thought that people may be reading my articles really spurred me to write them, and so without you, I may not still be blogging here. Thanks for making JSMTech great!


I’d love to hear from you – either through a reply to the newsletter, a message in the chatbox in the right bottom corner, or comment below. If you’re interested in what I’m going to be blogging about in the future, feel free to signup for my newsletter using the boxes on the right sidebar or bottom of this page.  


I’m looking forward to having another good year of my personal blog, and even 4 more to come!  We’re going to make tech, debate, and politics great again together!








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