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Nov. 2, 2019, 6 a.m.

How To Center Your Windows 10 Taskbar Icons With FalconX

Short Link: http://www.jsmtech.org/falconx
Read Time: 2 min

Have you ever wanted to center the icons in your Windows 10 taskbar to look more like Chrome OS? I'll admit it, I’m not sure exactly why you should do other than to say, “seen this, did that.” ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

But the other thing I have to admit is that it's a pretty cool way to customize your OS and truly make it yours. 




FalconX is an open-source utility, that can be installed or run portably, which basically just gives you the ability to center your taskbar icons. It has a ton of options for doing just that and some pretty great animations for when new programs are opened. It also has an experimental option to make the taskbar transparent. 

You can grab a copy of it here from the developer's blog (https://chrisandriessen.nl/web/FalconX.html) or from the Microsoft store. The Microsoft store option is paid and is a great way to support the developer :)


Centering Taskbar Icons


Once you install and open FalconX, you’ll see a window that looks like this picture.



I just choose the defaults, with the exception of checking the “center between toolbars” and “center on multiple monitors max(3)” options. I use the desktop toolbar on my taskbar, so I wanted things to be centered with respect to that as well. I also have 4 monitors, so I appreciate the option for centering on more than one monitor. Unfortunately, it can only center 3 monitors maximum for now :( Hopefully, the developer will update FalconX in the future to allow for more than 3. 


Example of Centered Taskbar with FalconX


What Do You Think?


While I wouldn’t call FalconX a life saver, I think it’s a pretty cool way to make your OS yours again. I’ve been using FalconX for a few weeks now and now I’ve gotten used to having a center taskbar. 


What do you think about FalconX? Do you like it, hate it, or don’t care? Let me know in the comments below!!!  



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