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March 1, 2017, 1 a.m.

Make An Old Computer Fast And Powerful With Ubuntu OS

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This title may confuse you, it’s probably the “Ubuntu Linux” part. Ubuntu Linux is a type of OS, like Windows and Mac. People use Ubuntu as an alternative to Windows and Mac, because it’s free!

Ubuntu also comes with some free software, better than the Windows or Mac equivalents! The Ubuntu App Store has a lot more free apps to pick from, too!

Also Ubuntu can be installed to almost any computer – whether it’s that power pc down in the basement, or a very slow Windows 2000/XP machine – Ubuntu makes it fast again!

Ubuntu even makes very fast computer, even faster!


Convinced yet? Let’s get this OS going then!


Step 1 | Download Ubuntu:

Before we can install Ubuntu to a computer, we need to download it. Go to the Ubuntu download page (direct iso link), to download the iso of Ubuntu 16.10, that latest. 


Note that this link is for an x86 64-bit processor (that covers the majority of Mac and Windows computers), if you have another architecture, than Google the following: “Ubuntu 16.10 for <your architecture here>”.


The download should take an hour or two – but just to be save, you could download it over night, and it would be done in the morning.


Step 2 | Put Ubuntu On A USB Stick


Yes, you need a USB stick for this step. The USB is used to run the installer, which install the OS. If you don’t have a USB stick handy, then a cd would work too – just Google up the instructions.

Download Universal USB Installer from Pen Drive Linux. After that open the file, agree to the disclaimer, select Ubuntu as the OS, select the iso file you downloaded, then choose your USB stick. After all these steps, click create – agree to all the prompts.


Step 3 | Install Ubuntu


Now we can install Ubuntu, finally!

Shutdown your computer, plug-in the USB stick, and then press the power button. Once you see the boot-up splash screen, start tapping you boot menu key (since I have a dell, mine is “F12”).

You should see a black and white screen asking you to choose a disk to book, use the arrow keys to select the USB installer we made in the previous step,

You should see a screen similar to the previous one, except it is purple, select install.

Now you should see the Ubuntu splash screen, wait until it is fully booted. Set you language, keyboard, and other settings you want. When you get to the part that has “Install Ubuntu alongside Windows (or Mac)”, make sure to select that option.

The installation usually takes from 10-30 minutes, so make your self some hot chocolate and read a book!

When you come back, a dialog should say “Installtion complete”. From there you can reboot, a purple screen will appear – just before the normal Windows (or Mac) boot screen – select “Ubuntu” to boot into Ubuntu and “Windows” or “Mac” to boot into Windows or Mac, 



Ubuntu is very good looking Operating System. It comes with a lot of handy, useful, (did I mention free) software!

The installation process is relatively simple, so almost anyone can install it!

Ubuntu is also a very good OS for servers! My server is running it (Ubuntu’s my favorite)!


Please leave a comment below if this helped you!


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