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Let's Do Tech Together!

Since 2016!


Welcome To JSMTech! A community driven site!

JSMTech is a community of Tech enthusiasts, who do what they do best: Tech Things! I searched the web for a place that people can learn tech stuff, while also being able to hang out. I couldn't find a site that satified me! So I set out to make one! I present to you, JSMTech!

Commited To Showing You That Tech Thing!

At JSMTech You can learn aobut that tech thing you've always wanted to do!

Learn New Tech Things!

Stay up-to-date with new technology, code, and news.

What's All This About JSMTech?

JSMTech — Technology That Hits!


Technology is fun! But sometimes it just feels overwhelming... :( At JSMTech, you can learn about the technology that you don't know about!


At JSMTech, you apply what you learn oon your own real world applications! Like a website! Or a security camera, that acts like a kiosk!

Teach & Empower others!

At JSMTech, you don't learn about technology and forget about it... You teach others! Once you learn something, you can't keep it to yourself!

More & More — Keep It Comming!

At JSMTech, you don't just learn and go away! You keep comming back for that intressting tech coffee, or that Raspi camera, or talking robot, etc!

JSMTech — Making The World Better... One Tech Project At A Time!

An awesome choice for technology!

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JSM — It's Me!

Hi, I'm a tech enthusiast!

Although at the age of 14, I like to program Python, C/C++/Arduino, and Java/Android. Building websites is another thing I like to do!

I also like using the Arduino and Raspberry Pi. I spend my spare time reading books — mostly the Bible & playing the drums, djembe, and guitar. Not to forget spending time with God's creation!

In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth.
— Genesis 1:1
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